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Hot Brewed Coffee from Cold Brew Concentrate

For the traditionalist out there, and for those rainy and cold days where some hot brew is amazing for.


  • check
    1/3 cup cold brew concentrate
  • check
    2/3 cup hot/boiling water
  • check
    Hot milk as desired
  • check
    Brown sugar as desired


  • 1
    Add your cold brew to your cup/glass 
  • 2
    Pour hot water on top of your cold brew
  • 3
    Add milk as desired
  • 4
    Add brown sugar as desired


One of the great things about cold brew is that it tastes good both hot and cold. Unlike regular brewed coffee, which tastes bad once it gets cool, cold brew is great at any temperature.

So, adding hot water, or even heating up cold brew in the microwave, will still keep your coffee tasting great.

In fact, any of the cold recipes listed can be turned into hot recipes easily by replacing the ice/cold water with hot water and the milk with hot milk - simple.

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