ColdBrew Coffee Jelly

(Thanks to Johanezz Ponce Migullas for the contribution) Aside from getting the great coffee flavor, you get those fun little jellies in your mouth as well 🙂


✔1 sachet of clear gelatin
✔6 cups of water
✔3 and 1/3 cups of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate (Full Bodied)
✔1/2 cup sugar
✔1 can of condensed milk
✔1 pack Nestlé all-purpose Cream


  • In a saucepot, bring 3 cups Cold Brew Concentrate (Full-bodied) and 6 cups of water to a boil.
  • Sprinkle the clear gelatin. Stir until dissolved add the sugar and continue mixing until no granules can be seen,
  • Transfer mixture to a  baking dish and allow to completely cool. Refrigerate for about 45 minutes until completely set.
  • In a bowl, combine condensed milk and all-purpose cream. Add the remaining 1/3 cup of Cold Brew Concentrate (Full-bodied). Stir until blended.
  • Cut the gelatin into 1-inch cubes and divide into serving cups.
  • Top the jellies with the sweetened coffee mixture
  • Serve cold.

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